Bulgaria Sends First Military Aid to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 9, 2022
Bulgaria Sends First Military Aid to Ukraine

The USA will give Ukraine anti-drones, Germany — additional RCH self-propelled guns

The more Russia shells Ukraine, the more weapons Ukraine receives from partner countries.

Bulgaria. Previously, the state provided Ukraine with only humanitarian and economic assistance — now, for the first time, it will transfer lethal weapons. The interim government in Sofia drew up a list of weapons for Ukraine, and on December 9, the parliament approved it. The list had previously been put to the vote in May, but Bulgaria's pro-Russian socialist party blocked the decision. According to Sofia, the weapons package will mainly include ammunition and light weapons.

The USA. The state approved the allocation of $275 million for the purchase of anti-drones and other air defence equipment for Ukraine. This meets the most critical request of Ukraine — air and missile defence of citizens and infrastructure. So far, the exact list of weapons for air defence has not been disclosed. Presumably, in the same package, Ukraine will receive shells for HIMARS (produced by the already well-known Ukraine Lockheed Martin Corp, 155 mm shells and Humvee military vehicles. Separately, it is worth rejoicing that Ukraine will also receive generators.

Germany. According to the German embassy in Ukraine, our country's Armed Forces will soon receive additional RCH 155 self-propelled artillery mounts, 80 pickups, 7 trucks, hangar tents and 90 anti-drones. Ukraine also received 20 Dingo armoured vehicles and 2 M1070 Oshkosh vehicles this week.

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