Buried Raped Ukrainians Found in the Kharkiv Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 16, 2022
Buried Raped Ukrainians Found in the Kharkiv Region

The bodies of victims of the Russian army were found

Already by habit, the joy of liberating Ukrainian territories is being replaced by horror and misunderstanding. The Kharkiv region prosecutor’s office reported that law enforcement agencies found the bodies of 2 men during the clearance of the released Kozacha Lopan. The results of the examination showed that people did not die of natural causes. It is reported that the victims were tortured: they have broken ribs, jaws, and skull fractures. Russian maniacs buried Ukrainians in a cemetery pit.

Recall that earlier in Kozacha Lopan, was found 1 more torture room.

Even more terrible find was waiting for Ukrainian forces in Lyman, Donetsk region. Head of the regional military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko reported finding 6 bodies in 1 pit. On the bodies of all victims were found traces of cruel torture. Earlier in the cleansing of the Lyman after the occupation, a mass grave of men and women was discovered. Ukrainian victims of Russian soldiers were naked, and some of them were raped.

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