Butchers of Bucha Are Returning to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Butchers of Bucha Are Returning to Ukraine

The 64th motorized rifle brigade of the 35th combined-arms "army" of the RF, who killed, raped, tortured, and executed Ukrainians in Bucha, after a 2-day break, returned with "special tasks"

On April 5, it became known that the commanders-in-chief of the shameful army of the Russian Federation were again throwing the brigade of the executioners of Bucha into Ukraine. According to the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, these beasts will be sent to one of the most dangerous places in Ukraine: presumably, the Kharkiv direction.

"Kharkiv on February 24 and Kharkiv on April 5 are 2 different cities in terms of defense capability. Kharkiv is a well-armed and well-prepared city for defense. Second. Adviser of the head of the president's office of Ukraine Oleksii Arestvochi believes that taking Kharkiv for our enemy is an unsolvable task," Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov in a video message to the residents of the Kharkiv region.

On April 4, the entire 64th brigade was thrown into Belarus, not far from the village of Mozyr. By April 6, the butchers will be delivered to Belgorod, then, without rotation of the unit's personnel, to the front line. It is worth noting that Russian beasts, disgracing the title of soldier, do not want to go to the front in Ukraine because they understand what awaits them here. However, the command of the Russian Federation does not accept a report on dismissal and threatens a tribunal.

"The president said that there would be very big revenge for Bucha. Even if they are retired and retired, we will catch up," Oleksii Arestovich, his freelance adviser on strategic communications in the field of national security and defense.

The task for Bucha butchers is to terrify Ukrainians. After all, according to their logic, what they did in Bucha can be repeated in another part of Ukraine.

"The enemy occupiers will sow panic among us and demoralize us. We, Kharkovites, will not give them such an opportunity," Ihor Terekhov.

The task of the command of the 64th brigade is to destroy the witnesses. That is — the entire 64 brigade. Obviously, the deployment of an already beaten brigade in one of the hottest spots, where the Ukrainian army is already waiting for these beasts on the border, is a deliberately deadly idea. The brigade's redeployment is a step to dispose of witnesses so that they cannot stand trial and testify about Russian terrorism.

I'm curious what the Russian slogan "We don't leave ours" means?

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