Russian Soldiers Destroyed the First Solemn Moment of Youth

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 9, 2022
Russian Soldiers Destroyed the First Solemn Moment of Youth

Graduates from bombed Kharkiv this year do not celebrate their release into adulthood and say goodbye to the school in its ruins

"The "Russian world" came to us and destroyed all the plans we dreamed of," said the graduate schoolgirl from Kharkiv.

The Russian army from the first days destroyed the second-largest city — Kharkiv. The city became a target for the Russian Federation. Bombs were dropped on it day and night, on roads, houses, and schools. Russians never managed to capture the city but managed to destroy the future of the children.

Some Ukrainian children are finishing school this year and moving into adulthood. There is a tradition in Ukraine: school graduates dance the Viennese waltz on the last day of school. This is a solemn day for every graduate, and usually, they prepare for it several months in advance. In early June, they could be graduating, preparing for the prom, and thinking about how they would come to school with tears. But now, the graduates of Kharkiv are just happy that they survived and look at the schools destroyed by Russian rockets.

A graduate from Kharkiv, in one photo, showed how Ukrainians lived and how they live now. The girl in her special red dress was photographed against the background of the ruins. These ruins turned out to be school №134 in Kharkiv. It's the school she went to for 11 years. The school was first destroyed by a rocket. Then the Russian army settled in it. The school was destroyed by the actions of the occupiers and battles for the city. Several of the graduates came to school 134. The children decided to say goodbye to the past and dance a valedictorian waltz. 

"The last call we had imagined was a little different for our kids, but it happened just like that, and I want some kind of celebration for the kids. I come here every day, it does not get easier," told the TV channel geography teacher at school №134.

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