What’s s the First Lady of Ukraine Doing?

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 1, 2022
What’s s the First Lady of Ukraine Doing?

Olena Zelenska encourages the world's first ladies to join the restoration of Ukraine's schools

During the war against Ukraine, Russia completely destroyed more than 160 schools, and another 1.600 get devastating damage but can still be rehabilitated.

Olena Zelenska, who before the war dealt with the issue of barrier-free between the government and the people of Ukraine, now takes care of the children of Ukraine.

"On the restoration of the school fund. I invited a few first ladies to take part in building new or rebuilding destroyed schools. For example, to be a French-Ukrainian school. They will take care of her after the war. This would be a good sign of our friendship," Olena Zelenska comments on the educational and construction initiative.

According to the first lady, today, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has drawn up a map for resuming the learning process, passing final exams, graduating, and admission to higher education. Today, this plan consists of 11 points. It also became known about the UNICEF Back to School initiative, which contributes to the restoration of schools in Ukraine.

Olena Zelenska also works to give children of war the opportunity to relax abroad. Rest in a children's camp in the forest or at sea in a country where there is no war is necessary for children who have suffered from the brutality of Russia. Dialogues with the respective countries are underway.

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