“Grain Corridor” Stopped

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
“Grain Corridor” Stopped

Russia withdrew from the agreement. World's reaction to the new statements of the Kremlin

On October 29, officials of the RF said that the unlocking of the southern ports of Ukraine is cancelled. The invaders of Ukrainian territories are no longer going to pass ships from the ports that transport grain to needy countries and Europe. The treaty, in which Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the United Nations participated, is being rescinded by the aggressor country due to a maritime incident. On 29 October, several Russian ships were damaged in occupied Crimea. The Kremlin said that Ukraine shelled the naval base in Sevastopol with the help of drones and ships that walked through the "green corridor". The Federation of Fakes (Russia) added that the Ukrainian side did this with the help of British specialists, in particular military commanders. In this way, Russia has closed the "corridor" and will open fire on any vessel that appears at sea.

The head of the administration of the president of Ukraine Andrii Yermak reacted to the suspension of the grain supply. He believes that this is another blackmail by Russia and a "fake terrorist act" that cannot be verified in the territory temporarily controlled by Russia.

At the same time, Russia hurried to calm the world. Russian minister of agriculture Dmytro Patrushev said that the country is ready to export up to 500.000 tons of grain to poor countries. According to the minister, they are ready to do this for 4 months with Turkish support. The Kremlin has probably already determined the duration of the "temporary closure of the grain corridor".

The world also responded to the statement of the aggressor, who at least wants to take control. US president Biden said that Russia's decision to suspend grain exports from Ukraine is ugly. The National Security Council's speech says that such a step by Russia is using "food weapons".

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