The Number of Topics on Which Putin Didn’t Lie Is Approaching Zero

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 8, 2022
The Number of Topics on Which Putin Didn’t Lie Is Approaching Zero

The president of the Russian Federation said that the "grain corridor" from Ukraine does not supply products to those who need

During a speech at the Eastern economic forum, Putin hinted that he wanted to change the treaty with Ukraine about "green corridors" for ships with agricultural products. He said that he allowed Ukrainian waters to be unlocked to help the poorest countries, but according to his observations, almost everything goes to Europe. The Russian president also added that Europe and the US everywhere promote their ideas and are even obsessed with their policies. Putin added that the West was the colonizers and will remain them, the grain corridor from Ukraine confirms this.

"It may be worth considering limiting the direction of the grain and other food exports along this route. We have worked out a mechanism to export Ukrainian grain, primarily to help the poorest countries. What happens in practice? As many European countries in earlier centuries have operated as colonizers, so they continue to do so today. Once again, simply deceived and continue to deceive. Obviously, with this approach, the scale of food problems in the world will only increase. Unfortunately. Which could lead to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe," quoting the president of Russia, who attacked Ukraine.

Putin will decide whether to implement his threats with a third party to the treaty — Turkish president Erdogan.

In turn, Ukraine's Ministry of agrarian policy provided official data on grain exports by sea. These data show that Putin's words about "nothing falls into the poorest countries" are another lie and provocation.

In Asia, 54 ships with 1.04 million tons were sent, in Europe — 32 vessels with 0.85 million tons, in Africa — 16 barges with 0.47 million tons of grain. 2 ships have been sent to Africa specifically for countries on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The vessel carried more than 60.000 tons of wheat for Yemenis and Ethiopians. Also, partners from the United Nations bought another 19.000 tons of grain products from Ukraine for further export to the African continent.

"It should be noted separately that the Grain and food safe transport initiative signed by Ukraine, the UN and Turkey does not provide for any restrictions on export directions," said the Ukrainian Ministry.

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