Russian Heroine Smeared Soap to Eyes of World

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, March 17, 2022
Russian Heroine Smeared Soap to Eyes of World

Editor Ovsiyannikova from Russia deliberately diverted the world’s attention from the disaster in Ukraine

We remind that Marina Ovsyangnikova, one of the editors of one of the Russian TV channels during the news broadcast, came out with a poster "No War". This moment is immediately scattered on the internet. The whole world has talked about the feat of a woman.

But the next morning Ukrainian journalists began to think that it was a provocation by the authorities of the Russian Federation. Today, the confirmations are even more.

According to Russian news sources, the woman was interrogated and sent home after paying a fine of $275.

But while Ovsyannikova was issued a ticket, people who went to rallies with posters were arrested regardless of age. But that fact is just a reminder of the propaganda that worked. The whole world was distracted from the destruction in peaceful cities of Ukraine, the deaths of women and children, humanitarian catastrophes, and gross violation of the rules of war by the Russian military.

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