Canada to Transfer 39 Armoured Automobiles to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, July 9, 2022
Canada to Transfer 39 Armoured Automobiles to Ukraine

On July 8, the PM of Canada announced the delivery this summer 

Reuters said the government of Canada is ready to hand over part of the Ukrainian needs list by the end of the summer. We are talking about light armored vehicles for transporting personnel of motorized rifle units. Ukraine had previously requested 360 such automobiles. Canadian minister of defense Anita Anand reported that 39 cars from the plant General Dynamics will lead to Ukraine before the beginning of autumn. She also noted that such transfers of equipment were included in the agreed military assistance package. The Canadian government approved Ukraine's military aid for $385 million in total. This money was released from the treasury in April.

New machines plan to use in different ways:

  • For evacuation purposes;
  • For sanitary purposes;
  • For repairs.

Earlier, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau reported that armored vehicles have increased protection from mine explosions. The transfer of some light vehicles will help the armed forces of Ukraine to carry out operations in mined and dangerous areas more effectively.

Ukraine also expects a large shipment of VAB armored automobiles, self-propelled artillery installation Caesar and Exocet missiles from France. The German government refused to supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers on the pretext of its need to defend its country.

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