Ukraine and Norway to Sign Security Cooperation Agreement

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Ukraine and Norway to Sign Security Cooperation Agreement

The President’s Office of Ukraine has announced the upcoming signing of a security cooperation agreement with Norway, following conclusive bilateral negotiations

This development was reported after a meeting between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Espen Bart Eide. The leaders are expected to sign the agreement at the earliest opportunity.

During their meeting, President Zelenskyi briefed Minister Eide on the current security situation in Ukraine, particularly highlighting the intensification of massive missile attacks on critical infrastructure by Russia. Discussions at the meeting also covered the anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense capabilities of Ukraine, with both sides exploring potential expansions of Norwegian assistance in this domain.

President Zelenskyi expressed gratitude towards Norway for its significant military and humanitarian support, amounting to approximately $7.1 billion under the Nansen program for the period 2023-2027. In response, Minister Eide reassured that Norway is actively working to expedite missile production for the NASAMS air defense system and is engaged in discussions to enhance the provision of Patriot missile systems to Ukraine.

Additionally, the talks addressed the resilience of Ukraine's energy system, focusing on immediate and long-term support for repairing and upgrading generators, transformers, and power grid systems. The goal is to create a more robust and reliable energy infrastructure in Ukraine.

Minister Eide also hinted at the long-term possibilities, including the deployment of troops, though he clarified that there are no immediate plans for such actions.

In a significant gesture of support, Norway is also preparing to transfer 22 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, a move that has received the necessary approvals from the United States.

This agreement marks a deepening of ties between Ukraine and Norway, with both nations committed to bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities amid ongoing conflict.

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