Canadian Iron Curtain

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Canadian Iron Curtain

The government of Canada imposed sanctions against the Russian iron and aluminium spheres

Deputy prime minister and minister of finance of Canada Chrystia Freeland announced a ban against all aluminium (raw aluminium, aluminium sheets, finished products, containers, and household items etc.) and iron products of Russia. This is done to reduce the profits of the aggressor and give Ukraine the fastest way to win the war. So in 2023, the Kremlin will lose about $260 million in steel and aluminium sales. Previously, Canada bought steel from Russia for $213 million annually. But these products (cast iron, unalloyed steel, semi-finished products, pipes, etc.) will no longer bring profit to Moscow.

"Ukraine can and must win this war. We continue to do everything we can to stop or limit the proceeds used to finance Putin's illegal and barbaric invasion of Ukraine. Canada and our partners have already imposed sanctions on the Russian Central bank and capped Russian oil and gas prices. And now we guarantee that Putin will not be able to finance his war by selling aluminium and steel in Canada," Chrystia Freeland.

The world creates more sanctions for Russia. So, the aggressor has the least means to build new missiles and finance terror.

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