Cancellation of Duties on Ukrainian Goods in the GB

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Cancellation of Duties on Ukrainian Goods in the GB

To help the economy of Ukraine, Great Britain removes the current 22% import taxes and all quotas on goods from our country

On April 9, during Boris Johnson's surprise visit to Kyiv, the prime minister told Zelenskyy about the possibility of making adjustments to the current free trade agreement between the two countries. On April 25, British International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan confirmed the words of the head of parliament. From now on, tariffs and quotas on imported honey, barley, canned tomatoes, meat, and other key Ukrainian exports to Britain will be canceled.

"We stand unwaveringly with Ukraine in this ongoing fight and will work to ensure Ukraine survives and thrives as a free and sovereign nation," said British international trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

According to Ms. Trevelyan., this decision was made to support Ukraine, to provide a basis for business recovery and development of enterprises.

“We stand with Ukraine unwaveringly in this ongoing struggle and will work to ensure that Ukraine survives and prospers as a free and sovereign nation,” Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

The proposal to reduce tariffs from 22% to 0% was given to Ukraine unilaterally. However, Ukraine is likely to take a similar retaliatory step.

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