Cancellation of Russian Sanctions Against Ukrainian Business

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, April 28, 2023
Cancellation of Russian Sanctions Against Ukrainian Business

Putin signed a decree on exceptions to sanctions measures against Ukrainian legal entities and individuals

In October 2018, Putin signed a decree imposing sanctions against several Ukrainian individuals and enterprises and instructed them to draw up an initial list of objectionable. The first version of the list included 322 individuals and 68 enterprises. Since then, it has been replenished with Ukraine's most prominent Ukrainian chemical, agricultural, industrial, metallurgical and mining companies and holdings, banks and defence companies.

Recently, data appeared on the official Russian portal of legal information on amendments to the law of 2018: "Give the government of the Russian Federation the authority to issue temporary permits that provide for the non-use of special economic measures determined by this decree."

At the same time, Ukraine is strengthening sanctions against Russia and does not plan to restore any relations until the complete withdrawal of troops from our territory.

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