Cancellation of the Russian Consumer

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, August 15, 2023
Cancellation of the Russian Consumer

"Mercedes-Benz" and "BMW" disconnected Russia from the manufacturer's official software

Mercedes-Benz and BMW have disconnected the Russian audience from online software systems for technical analysis and maintenance. Thus, the service centres of these companies in Russia lose their "official" status since they no longer have access to Mercedes-Benz and BMW resources, and they plan to carry out diagnostics and repair of cars based on "accumulated experience and knowledge." The Moscow Times wrote about it.

In this way, the period of carrying out repair work with cars will be increased, and the quality will probably limp. The Russian association of automobile dealers reported that not only Mercedes-Benz and BMW closed Russian access to online software systems but also other foreign car concerns.

After all, the Russians have already found methods that can bypass the bans of foreign auto concerns: pirated software and equipment that can be bought online, as well as connecting to European IPs. It is likely that, eventually, official dealers will see and block these workarounds.

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