Changed Profile of Ukrainian “KrAZ”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 20, 2022
Changed Profile of Ukrainian “KrAZ”

Ukrainian truck manufacturer "KrAZ" will start producing crossovers

KrAZ has existed in Ukraine for 77 years. A large automobile manufacturing plant is operating in central Ukraine, in Krymenchuh. Many countries still use cars of Ukrainian manufacture. According to the latest data, KrAZ has delivered trucks to 57 countries during its existence.

But the factory decided to change the direction of work and announced the beginning of the production of crossovers. A few days ago, computer projects of the future model appeared on the network. In particular, renderers of the future Ukrainian crossover were published in the Ukrainian online magazine NaAvtoTrasse. The future car from Ukraine will have an expressive look. The design features include a large grille and rear wing, a square bumper, and non-standard lanterns. Model KrAZ-260 is expected to receive a 1.6-liter engine with 114 horsepower. The company’s managers do not exclude refitting the ruler and installing a 2-liter engine with 143 forces in the machine. It is possible if the model of the new Ukrainian car will be as successful as the KrAZ trucks. It is also suggested that the body of the model 260 may be a coupé.

The approximate price of the KrAZ car should not exceed $15 thousand. But now all the projects are on paper. The starting date of the project is unknown.

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