Chechens Stole Agroquipment for $5 million, But Could Not Start It

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Chechens Stole Agroquipment for $5 million, But Could Not Start It

The occupiers stole and brought Ukrainian agricultural machinery to Chechnya but could not start it because Ukrainians blocked it remotely

Marauders who came to Ukraine to fight against culture and progress once again robbed the Ukrainian economy. This time the victims of the Russians were Agrotek, a distributor of John Deere equipment. The total amount of damage, namely the theft of 27 units of equipment, is estimated at $5 million. As the GPS installed on the equipment shows, the whole batch of stolen combines, reapers, etc., is already 700 km from Melitopol — in Chechnya, the village of Zakhan Yurt.

"Kadyrov's people continue to bring agricultural machinery to Russia! The next batch of new agricultural machinery, namely a John Deere s760 combine with a reaper and 2 Vaderstad Tempo seeders worth €520.000, was stolen from our site in Melitopol on April 4-5 and taken to Russia. Together with the first 4 units of equipment that have already been brought to Chechnya, the total loss of the company from the theft is over €1.5 million! They also took care of branded lubricants, taking 20 tons from the warehouse," Agrotek reports on its Facebook page.

The Chechens did not manage to use the stolen equipment because the Ukrainians blocked it. However, as sad as it may sound, the equipment will not be returned, because the Chechens will disassemble the equipment for spare parts and sell it for nothing: one motor — one ram.

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