Knickers of Ukrainian Women Stolen by a Russian Soldier Can Be Purchased in Belarus

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Knickers of Ukrainian Women Stolen by a Russian Soldier Can Be Purchased in Belarus

Russian soldiers engaged not in military affairs but in marauding in Ukraine, take out the loot by trucks to Narovlya and sell it in an impromptu market

Not only a wave of deaths swept across Ukraine but also heinous maraudering. As of March 30 alone, only the fifth day of the war, 300 statements about the theft were written. 

The internet is replete with video footage from cameras in Ukrainian shops, where Russians, placed on "self-sufficiency" by their command, enter the store and rob it.

Russians, who consider Ukrainians to be beggar people, for some reason, do not disdain our jewelry, MacBooks and phones, cars, household appliances, and currency. But, in addition to obviously expensive things, miserable Russians steal used lingerie from Ukrainian homes (and, after the fact, ask their wives for their size by phone) and children's clothes, spare parts, alcohol, headphones, dishes, screwdrivers, and other things used in everyday life.

In the city of Narovlya in Belarus, the Russians have even opened a market where they sell things stolen in Ukraine. The marauder's bazaar's assortment includes washing machines and dishwashers, refrigerators, precious jewelry, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, dishes, carpets, works of art, children's toys, cosmetics. That is everything that the Russians got by marauding and robbing the civilian population in Ukraine. Even daily deliveries from Ukraine to Belarus have already been established: from the city of Buryn (Konotop district, Sumy region, Ukraine), a convoy of trucks with a variety of Ukrainian property (industrial goods and household items) is moving towards the state border.

Russians are trying to exchange dollars and euros stolen in Ukraine in the same market. Due to internal restrictions on currency circulation, Belarusians are reluctant to agree to exchange transactions and offer the occupiers to apply to local banks. The Russians refuse, explaining this by a command ban.

Another national amusement of Russian marauders is to send the loot home to "great and rich Russia". In the city of Mozyr, Belarus, Russians storm the local branch of the Russian post office SDEK, where they send hundreds of kilograms of loot from Ukrainian homes and taken from the corpses of Ukrainian people. You can only imagine the level of those people in Russia then will knowingly use what was stolen from another person.

To prove this, there are multiple videos from SDEK surveillance cameras where Russians send parcels home to their high-spirited wives willing to wear someone else's panties and enjoy stolen from Ukrainian women mascara.

The Russians who occupied the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, leaving it, did not forget to take out the most important thing: computers, kettles, and in addition forks, spoons, plates, and containers for food. This, holding back laughter, said the chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine of the management of the exclusion zone Yevhenii Kramarenko. 

People from Ukraine massively get Google alerts "are you trying to recover your account?" and the location of the device is displayed as a city or town in Russia. On April 5, a resident of the Kyiv region found geolocation of his headphones, which forgot at home, in Belarus. 

On April 4, a Ukrainian soldier found a dead occupier with a bullet through his chest. And instead of a metal plate of flak jacket, he had a stolen MacBook. The greed killed the Russian.

In the city of Bucha, when the Russians first came there, a video was filmed as a residential complex "Continent" Russian occupiers brought equipment and all day loaded everything that was taken out of the apartments. As they left the riot on April 3, marauders tried to carry bags of grain with them from a local food warehouse. But since the Ukrainian army was already on the heels, the Russians just cut up all the bags of grain and scattered them on the street. So that no one could eat it.

April 2. A significant day in the life of Russian marauders: fleeing from the territorial defense of Ukraine, marauders lost stolen women's underwear. In the bags of those who did not escape justice, bottles of alcohol were found. Also stolen.

April 4. The Kadyrov army decided to feel like Russians and stole 2 combine harvesters from Kherson farmers. Today combine harvesters appeared in the network: the navigator showed that combines are already in Chechnya. This was reported by the farmers themselves.

April 2 in Avito, the Russian trading platform, appeared a very interesting lot for 3.700 rubles: "Olympic Joma team of ukraine football". Special attention is not even that the name of the country "Ukraine" is written with a small letter, but the description of the product: "Sell the Olympics. Completely new. It was taken under Brovary (Kyiv region, author's note) as a trophy.

April 5— victory for Russia. Victory over common sense. Article 266 of the Russian criminal code, "Maraudering: The abduction on the battlefield of objects in the presence of those killed or wounded shall be punishable by 3 to 10 years' imprisonment or the death penalty." On April 5, the article was decriminalized.

On the one hand, this article is written through tears of laughter. And on the other hand, overcoming the aversion to what is happening, I have to remind myself that now there is a herd of Russian beasts in Ukraine for which theft = trophy, murder = achievement, rape = love.

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