“Children of War” in the 21st Century

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 16, 2022
“Children of War” in the 21st Century

Ukrainian developers have created a children's chatbot to teach them how to act in military conditions 

A large number of specialists took part in the project, which provides safety for children during the war. IT specialists worked on the creation of the program, which was named Vobi-2. Also, the project involved medical workers, psychologists, and military personnel. A large team of Ukrainian experts provided essential advice and rules for preserving life during a military situation. Vobi-2 received support from the civil organization Noosphere Association, which belongs to the philanthropist Max Polyakov. Thanks to the organization, the project has already been implemented — in Telegram.

The chatbot covers topics such as air raids, evacuation, being at the scene of the shooting, being under occupation, etc. Vobi-2 tells about the behaviour in each case: being near street fighting, missile fire, artillery shelling, and minefield. Children will also learn about actions in case of demolition or falling under rubble. Modern kids will also be able to learn the basics of first aid.

Users of the Ukrainian chatbot have already been able to pass the first game tests on topics. Moreover, the creators of Vobi-2 decided to please children on the eve of the holidays and to hold a smartphone draw among those who showed the best test results. On December 15, the first test papers were collected, and Vobi-2 will soon present gifts to children.

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