Christmas Greetings for Ukrainians the Admirer of Ukraine and the “GT Invest’s” Mission 

Comprehensive business creation and philanthropist David Soley wishes Ukrainians the most wonderful Christmas gift — freedom
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The CEO of a business process operator in Ukraine GT Invest, Oleksii Prokhorenko, is a warm friend of US citizen, business consultant and Ukraine supporter David Soley. Oleksii received 3 letters from David addressed to all Ukrainians. In each of them, David expressed his devotion to the ideals for which our people now fight, and admiration for our spirit of freedom.

Today, December 20, with the permission of the author, we publish a letter from David Soley, in which he congratulates the Ukrainians on the Christmas holidays and expresses his faith in our speedy victory.

Ukraine’s Christmas Gift to the One Another and the World, May the World Bestow a Most Wonderful Gift of Freedom to all Ukrainians By David Soley

Let the memories of family and those who are always near become treasured memories for each of you during this Christmas season. Allow goodness and love to flow and bring comfort to each of you. On these nights as Christmas nears, be mindful of the greatest gift God ever gave to each of us, our Savior and the gift of everlasting life and love to all who believe and worship him. May his kindness and warmth be close to each of you.

It has been so long time since I have shared a Ukrainian message with each of you. With my father’s passing I needed to address personal memories and family needs. With this behind me it is time and my pleasure for me to share moments with each of you.

Each of you holding close to your hearts is the pronounced cause for every lasting freedom. It is an immensely powerful sweeping energy causing great defeats upon an evil force. The momentum of victory is carrying each of you across the great plains of Ukrainian with powerful blows of Hell upon russian armies. The cause for freedom brings about a strong bonding force called brotherhood, sisterhood, and brother–sisterhood. As each you look at one another each of you receives a gift which is forever yours. This Christmas each of you receives another great and most wonderful present. It is the gift of courageous loyalty, devotion, trustworthiness, faithfulness, and reliability to each other. Its belief of victory and a victorious final march.

Purposeful will to protect freedom is the carrying force of the men and women who proudly serve Ukraine. They serve in the military preserving liberty, in government serving a great and most wonderful people, and on the home front holding a vision of a better day and way of life for all who service freedom.

Each of you walks and fights in the way of honor with great valor. Each of you serves with truth of triumphant outcomes. The world marvels at your feats and great wisdom to continue to baffle the russian enemy. He asks what they will do next. Where how why did we end up in this land fighting against such a powerful might. For those on the home front, the world admires your personal courage and inner strength to endure such a cruel time. Each of you have received the gifts of perverseness, faith, bonded trust, and commitment to each other. There is no greater gift than sharing the love and grace for one another as a band of warriors committed sincerely to one another at the forefront of Ukraine’s future. Allow the horns to play the sound of triumph on your march to final victory.

Ukraine is presenting its gift to the world... gracefulness and honor. Ukrainians are showing the world’s people unfortunate tribulations and trails of war will not stop their destiny to freedom. Ukrainians powering belief and vision is a carrying force upholding belief Europe will stay peaceful after a russian defeat. Ukraine is servicing Democracy with the unfortunate blood of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters; their lives must be honor with commemoration. Allow the trumpets play the sound of victory in their memory. Building righteous cause and pronounced principle, Ukraine deserves unlimited military support. Ukraine’s purpose is uncompromising freedom and the defeat of evil.

Freedom is such a simple and worthwhile desire for any nation’s people. Why should the world allow a country with evil intent and self–righteous beliefs to influence, determining the destiny of a peaceful nation?

The mightiest generations are rising for Ukraine. They are older with great wisdom and knowledge and younger with outstanding leadership, fearlessness, energy, and brilliance. They believe in purposeful free will, advancing self–rule for Ukraine and its neighboring countries. These enabling forces are liberty posts marking Ukraine’s freedom road to destination Victory.

To the Ukrainian Warrior

Allow purposeful will defeat evil and vanquish those who tread on Ukrainian soil. On the front may each of you actualize greatness and courage. Let remembrance, honor, and strength, be in your thoughts in tribute to those who serve fighting for freedom in Ukraine and to those who are not with you.

World be generous in prayer for those who serve on as warriors of freedom leading Ukraine out of tyranny reaches. We pray for your victorious deliverance over evil and with surrounding protection at your side.

Remember the sound of stillness and children’s laughter. Cherish quiet moments with one another recollecting those who have honored Ukraine with heroic service to liberty. World people extend your hearts of goodness and support to each Ukrainian. This is Ukraine’s desire. 

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