Civil and Humanitarian Logistics Ukraine-Estonia

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, April 2, 2023
Civil and Humanitarian Logistics Ukraine-Estonia

The heads of the national postal operators of Ukraine and Estonia signed a cooperation agreement

On March 30, Mart Megi — the general director of the national postal operator of Estonia, Omniva, visited Kyiv for the first time. Mr Maghi met with his Ukrainian colleague Igor Smelyansky and discussed several issues, the adoption of which will improve the lives of subscribers in both countries. Today, almost 64.000 Ukrainian refugees live in Estonia, who can now use the services of Ukrposhta and Omniva at reduced rates.

The parties also signed a cooperation agreement, which, according to Smelyansky, has a secret clause "important for our citizens, which, I hope, we will talk about a little later."

Over the past year, Omniva has delivered more than 74.000 kg of humanitarian goods to Ukraine.

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