Closed Sky Over Western Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Closed Sky Over Western Ukraine 

Poland may introduce anti-missile defense over the territory of western Ukraine

At the moment, Ukraine is under threat of an offensive from Belarus. Another neighbor is conducting military exercises on the border with Ukraine, pulling military equipment, mobilizing people, and conducting intelligence operations. The danger to Western Ukraine (a possible offensive route for Belarus and Russia) is a danger to Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. They believe that a successful operation in Ukraine will entail the surfacing of new territories by Russian soldiers. Therefore Poland is prepared to respond to the threat.

The former head of the Polish national security bureau, Stanislav Kozei, informed the Polish publication about the country's readiness to bring its weapons into combat if necessary. Poland may establish anti-missile defense over the territory of western Ukraine. The main condition for such an operation is the Russian threat — Russia's continuation of missile strikes on the border areas of Poland and Ukraine.

"We have the arguments to provide preventive insurance and report this to Russia. If it does not stop attacking our border with long-range missiles, from day to day, we will introduce anti-missile protection over Western Ukraine," said Kozei.

Also, the Polish politician believes that the Russian Federation has already lost the war. This is noticeable, at least at the political and strategic levels.

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