Collaboration of Ukraine and Norway

Saturday, August 28, 2021
Collaboration of Ukraine and Norway

Norwegian help in transformation Ukraine: green production, nuclear safety, sustainability

Ukraine received from Audun Halvorsen, secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Norway, a memorandum of cooperation signed by Norway in the field of nuclear energy. This became known thanks to the press service of the Ministry of energy of Ukraine.

The person who signed the memorandum on behalf of Ukraine was the minister of energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko.

“First of all, we are talking about improving the safety of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. A bilateral working group will be established on nuclear security, nuclear safety and emergency preparedness. It should be noted that the potential for interaction on the basis of the memorandum is much greater,” explained Yaroslav Demchenkov, deputy energy minister for European integration.

An important point of cooperation between Ukraine and Norway is the restructuring of Ukrainian capacities for green energy and production from renewable sources.

“We would like to strengthen cooperation with Norway in the field of production from renewable sources. For example, as part of its energy decarbonization strategy, Ukraine plans to develop wind power generation. We are also interested in the development of hydrogen energy — technologies, pilot projects and the like. In addition to attracting Norwegian investments, it will be useful to revive the exchange of experience and best practices,” said Demchenkov.

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