Construction of the Railway to Poland

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Construction of the Railway to Poland

European railway between Lviv and Warsaw in 2 years

In Western Ukraine, the Lviv regional administration told about the imminent start of the construction of the European railway. As it became known, the project was designed to connect Lviv and Kyiv. Also, the new railway will extend beyond Ukraine. So far, only established cooperation with the Polish State is known. In this way, the railway connection between Warsaw and Lviv will be renewed.

The project will begin with the construction of roads from the state border. This step is necessary for Poland to start working on the draft for its part.

"It is planned to execute the project documentation with the regional and local budget funds. Its approximate value is about $140.000," told the head of the Lviv administration, Kozytskyy Maksym.

Such a project will allow the launch of passenger messages without connection. The journies will contribute to the revival of tourist, diplomatic, business, and other contacts between Ukraine and the European states. The project will be implemented within 2 years. State forces and international partners will be involved in the implementation. The new railway between Ukrainian and Polish cities will cost about $3.6 million.

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