Continues Evacuation From Mariupol or as the Russians Destroy Their Fake

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 6, 2022
Continues Evacuation From Mariupol or as the Russians Destroy Their Fake

Russian authorities have opened green corridors for a peaceful population despite claims about the absence of people on "Azovstal"

On 19 April, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Azovstal plant had no civilian population. According to the aggressor country, the information about the civilian population is a fake from Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainian side and the Pope repeatedly called for the opening of "green" zones for the evacuation of children, women, elderly people, and wounded fighters. The Russian Federation ignored such claims, refuted, or changed them for its benefit.

"The Russian armed forces deployed three humanitarian corridors near the Azovstal industrial complex in Mariupol for those who decide to lay down their arms and surrender," for example, colonel-general and head of the national defense control center of the Russian Federation, Mykhailo Myzyntsev, said.

Following this statement, the Russian military reported that the Ukrainian military did not release people and used them as cover. But the Ukrainian authorities called for the opening of humanitarian zones one more time. Ukrainian people did not go to the territory of Russia not because they became "alive armor" — because they want to live in Ukraine.

Then the Ministry of defence of the aggressor country once again declared the fake.

"The publications of the Ukrainian mass media about the fact that a large number of the civilian population is at the Azovstal are "another informational throw," said Mykhailo Myzyntsev.

And what happened next?

Almost a week ago, the Russian command allowed the safe evacuation of people from the last big shelter of the Ukrainian people — the metallurgical plant Azovstal. 345 people were transported yesterday to Ukrainian territory free of occupiers. About 200 people were taken away on previous days. However, the agreements are broken again by the Russian side and this has terrible consequences.

Also on 1 May, the Russian media announced the evacuation of civilians to the territory of Russia. According to them, on 30 April, 25 people were saved, and on 1 May — 40 people, 8 of them children. All of them were in the plant or near it. 

Where these people are now and their name is unknown. Now is not known how true this information is. The only thing is clear — Russia is a country of fakes and changing opinions. 

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