Countries Annex Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 9, 2022
Countries Annex Russia

3 states held referendums: Kaliningrad becomes part of Czechia, Russia becomes a territory of the Netherlands, and the RU embassy in Ottawa — part of Canada

Activists from different countries supported Ukraine and emphasized the absurdity and illegitimacy of Russian referendums on joining Ukrainian regions to Russia. We remind you that according to the results of referendums in which Ukrainians did not participate, "97% of those who voted support joining the Russian Federation." Today, only North Korea has recognized the annexation of Ukrainian regions, with which Ukraine severed diplomatic relations.

So, the Czech Republic got access to the sea. On October 4, a referendum was allegedly held on the territory of the Kaliningrad region of Russia, as a result of which 98% of the inhabitants of the region voted for joining the Czechia and renaming the territory to Královec. Now, this Czech region is called Královec and even has a detailed Twitter account with over 80.000 followers.

"Welcome to the official profile of Kralovec. After a successful referendum, 97.9% of Kaliningrad residents decided to merge with the Czech Republic and rename Kaliningrad to Královec," the Twitter of the new territory of the Czechia greets visitors.

Here you may also find comic tourist information about Královec, learn about the construction of a "beer stream" from the Czech Republic to the enclave through Poland and read fictitious news about the referendum: "Pope Francis blessed the new Czech territory: "As it is written in the Bible if the Czechs want Kaliningrad — let them get it... I don't care. God bless them."

There is also information about the forthcoming stamp from the national postal operator of the mail with the image of the nonexistent Czech aircraft carrier Baron Prášil. Moreover, on October 10, Královec fans are planning an action near the Russian embassy in Prague.

"We will register the action with the Prague city council, but remember that this will not be a demonstration or manifestation with any designated program or plan, our main and only thought when creating this action was humour, which has been and remains the best weapon against totalitarianism" participants in the upcoming action.

Another great idea. The Czech MP Tomasz Zdechovsky made a jocular proposal to divide the Kaliningrad region between Poland and the Czech Republic. The deliberate absurdity of this proposal is intended to emphasize the legal impotence of Putin's decrees on annexation.

In Holland took place a revision of the historical borders of the state. The Dutch comedian Arjen Lubach put forward a reasoned proposal to annex all of Russia to the territory of Holland at once.

"The time has come to unite. Our king Willem IV is your king too. In 1816, Anna Pavlovna (daughter of tsar Paul I) married Willem II. This is the ancestor of Willem IV. Well, yes, he speaks Russian poorly, but he doesn't speak Dutch well, either. And that's okay! We'll manage! Putin will deny all this, but look: here he is drinking his beer with his king! Cheers! And it's no coincidence that Putin's own daughter has been living in Voorschoten for years!" These arguments absolutely cannot be refuted. Like Putin's.

On October 5, a referendum was held in Ottawa on the accession of the Russian embassy to Canada. The activists came to the Russian embassy, ​​put cardboard boxes imitating boxes for voting forms, printed out their own forms for the referendum, signed them themselves, and behold! According to the voting results, 97% of Canadians voted in favour of joining the embassy to Canada. Using the arguments of Russia, this vote is legitimate, and now the embassy is part of Canada. Monumental resemblance to the Russian referendums on the territory of Ukraine.

We remind you that earlier, the official channel of China released material about the distribution of the territory of Russia between other states after the failure of the defeat of the aggressor country in the war against Ukraine.

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