Creating an Online Store, and How Much it Costs

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 3, 2021
Creating an Online Store, and How Much it Costs

Currently, online business is probably one of the most relevant options of a whole-world business

It is no secret that e-commerce is developing very rapidly and is attracting more and more people who want to try their hand at doing business on the Internet. Therefore, there are many good reasons, and the most important of them are unlimited opportunities, relatively low costs, and general availability.

According to a recent study, almost 13 million Ukrainians use the internet every day. According to the Western market model, half of these people may be potential customers of online stores. Your goal is to attract some of them to your business as customers.

Choosing your field of activity will be your first and foremost task when opening an online store. After all, most of the success of your future business depends on what you sell. The most relevant areas of the online store are clothing, footwear, and children's products. In addition, the sale of services such as advertising, SEO, design, and other IT activities are also very relevant areas in which you can start your business online. 

After choosing your activity, it would be fitting to find a person who will develop an online store for you and, logically, will take money for it. Typically, creating a website for an online store costs about $3.500.

Although, some entrepreneurs do it differently. They create a business card site, i.e., a landing that represents their store, and a catalog of goods, for example, is uploaded to cloud storage. After a person is interested in the store, he writes his contacts, and the manager calls and helps the customer find what he needs. This version of the site will be much cheaper, landing development usually costs around $500-600, but the effectiveness of this option is much less.

In general, in today's reality, if your business is not on the internet, it does not exist at all, and online business is becoming more relevant and widespread every year, and I will bring my owners a vast income.

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