The Turning Point in the War Against Russia Will Definitely Be

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 17, 2022
The Turning Point in the War Against Russia Will Definitely Be

A member of the Intelligence directorate of Ukraine announced when and under what conditions Ukraine should expect a turning point in the war

On July 17, the General directorate of intelligence of Ukraine gave an interview on the national radio of Ukraine. The representative of the department, Vadym Skibitskyy, said that there would definitely be a turning point in favor of Ukraine.

"It will definitely come, but it will depend, firstly, on how much we can stop the offensive pace of the Russian troops. And, secondly, how active and large-scale assistance will be provided by our partners because it is also important for defense, and offensive actions", Vadym Skibitskyy.

According to Skibitskyy, over the past few days, the intelligence department has been observing the increased activity of the occupiers along the entire military front line.

"Military intelligence today captures the enemy's activity, and these are not only missile strikes delivered from the air and from the sea. We see shelling along the entire line of contact, along the entire front line. Tactical aviation and attack helicopters are being actively used. There is a certain activation of the enemy along across the front line," added the GDI member.

Also, a representative of the intelligence bureau of Ukraine confirmed that Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu really paid a visit to his army, but it is not known whether this happened in territories temporarily not controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"According to our assessment, there was a hearing of the commanders regarding further actions and the conduct of the operation, summed up the measures taken. And according to some information, he even presented awards to officers and generals who distinguished themselves in this operation. But now preparations are definitely underway for the next stage of the offensive action", Vadym Skibitsky.

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