Creation of Agro Hubs in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 6, 2021
Creation of Agro Hubs in Ukraine

“KickYour.Tech AGRO” invites Ukrainian innovative agricultural companies to participate and participate in the European “Atlas” program

With the support of innovative startups and innovative farmers, Atlas will create new business models for farmers and build effective business ecosystems with them. As part of the participation in the Atlas system, Ukrainian companies or entrepreneurs will be able to receive funding for their projects and create innovative hubs.

The goal of the Atlas network is to create an open and diversified system that will offer a high level of scalability from one farm to the world community. The technology developed by Atlas will be tested and evaluated in pilot studies of many real-world agricultural operations across Europe in several areas, such as:

  • Tasks of precision farming;
  • Sensor-based irrigation management;
  • Soil management based on data;
  • Behavioral analysis of livestock, etc.

The Atlas project aims to involve all participants in the agricultural production chain, simplifying and improving processes from the farm to consumers.

The Atlas project involves contributing new services and technologies of small innovative companies and farms to innovation centers. This is done through open competitions (tenders), within which funding is distributed to project participants. This start-up financing provides financing for small businesses, start-ups, and farmers, creating long-term and sustainable business relationships between service providers and end-users. It also allows innovative farmers to implement innovative ideas. Innovative agro-hubs will be established in Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Lithuania with the support of the Atlas project.

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