The number of civil servants in Ukraine will be reduced by 10%

Monday, April 26, 2021
The number of civil servants in Ukraine will be reduced by 10%

Will also launch a project that regulates pay according to job classification

According to the Prime minister of Ukraine Denis Shmugal, at this stage, the situation with a high ceiling number of civil servants leads to an increase of bonuses on subjective and ineffective principles.

As Minister Oleg Nemchinov put it: "The salary of a civil servant must be reasonable, depending on his qualifications and experience, the importance and complexity of the job, the degree of responsibility entrusted to him, the efficiency, effectiveness and the quality of the performance of duties. In addition, the salary must be competitive so that the State can attract qualified persons".

In addition to eliminating redundancies, the Cabinet has decided to review and increase the salaries and pensions of civil servants.

"This year we are introducing a pilot project on the system of remuneration of civil servants on the basis of job classification. It involves the Secretary of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of digital transformation and the National State service. In the future, we plan to expand the project to all departments," noted Denis Shmugal. 

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