Creation of New Natural Reserves in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Creation of New Natural Reserves in Ukraine

The parks will be managed by the Ministry of environmental protection and natural resources of Ukraine

On 1 and 3 January, the president signed decrees providing for creating the national natural parks Pushcha radzyvylla, Kuialnytskyi, and Kholodnyi yar.

The Carpathian biosphere reserve, the Meotida national natural park, and the National natural park Vizhnytskyi and the Botanical reserve of national importance Staromanzyrskyi boundaries are planned to extend. The information mentioned above is given in accordance to the press service of the office of the head of state, informs.

Now the Cabinet of ministers must approve the park's regulations within six months, amend the Protected area regulations, which have been extended, and decide on the allocation of land until 2024.

The Kholodnyi yar national natural park will be established in the Cherkasy region. It will transfer 6.800 hectares of state-owned land.

In the Odesa region, in the territory of the Berezovskyy and Odesa districts, the Kuialnytskyi park will be built. It includes 10.800 hectares of State and communal property.

Pushcha radzyvylla will be created in the Sarny district Rivne region, the western part of the country. For it will allocate 24 thousand hectares of state property.

These parks will be managed by the Ministry of environmental defense and natural resources.

We would like to remind you that in November 2020, the president of Ukraine signed the decree on creating the national natural park Royal Beskides. The document should preserve the complex of Ukrainian Carpathians.

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