Moldovans Performed a Motor Rally in Support of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, November 21, 2022
Moldovans Performed a Motor Rally in Support of Ukraine

Members of the Liberal party of Moldova started under the embassy of Ukraine in Moldova and went to the Ukrainian border under the slogan "Glory to Ukraine!"

On November 20, Moldovan liberals left in a column with the flags of Moldova, Ukraine, the European Union and NATO. The rally started at the Ukrainian embassy in Moldova, then the city of Stefan-Vode, and the endpoint of the route the Palanka checkpoint on the border with Ukraine. According to the main organizer of the action, the head of the Liberal party Mihai Ghimpu, the rally is a symbol of support of Ukraine and condemnation of Russia's brutal policy.

"Today, the war is not only for the freedom of Ukraine but also for our freedom," Mihai Ghimpu.

The rally participants chanted "Glory to Ukraine!" and many other slogans in support of our country and expressed their anti-Russian position. In particular, the participants came out with posters "Russia is a terrorist state", "Russian army out of Ukraine", "Russian army out of Moldova", "Ukraine, your victory is our victory."

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