Creation of the First Model of a New Sustainer in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Creation of the First Model of a New Sustainer in Ukraine

State enterprise design bureau "Yuzhnoye" produced the first model of "RD-807" engine for missiles

Yuzhnoye is a Ukrainian" rel="dofollow">enterprise, developer of rocket and space technology. Recently, a new engine was presented in the company’s 2021 report. The implementation of this step became available thanks to the modernization that was carried out in the company. Preparations are already underway for the fire tests of the first model of the new engine.

The engine created at the Yuzhnoye is designed for multi-stage missiles. The sustainer RD-807 is intended to propel the spacecraft. It works from the start of the mission until the end of the active flight of the machine. This model does not use toxic fuels, allowing for safer space industry participation.

In addition, it is cheaper to use than other similar installations. It is expected that the engine will be reused.

However, this will become known after the tests. Other details and features of the sustainer engine in the design bureau Yuzhnoye are not yet disclosed. But even this set of advantages already allows the Ukrainian space industry to reach a new level.

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