Nuclear War: to Be or Not to Be

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 12, 2022
Nuclear War: to Be or Not to Be

US general assesses risks of nuclear war due to Russian aggression

In March, Russia had not yet begun to lose but had already threatened Ukraine and the world with a "red button". This trend continues for the seventh month of the war, in which Ukraine has the support of most countries worldwide.

The Pentagon is assessing the situation as long as the threats, and the possibility of a nuclear strike from Russia remain. Lieutenant-general in retirement, former commander of the US troops in Europe, and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Ben Hodges in Twitter talked about nuclear war. In his opinion, Putin may threaten nuclear weapons, but he will not use them. This applies not only to a large-scale attack but also to a tactical strike. According to the US general, Putin is desperate, but even a tactical nuclear strike is unlikely so far.

"The US will respond to Russia's use of nuclear weapons because China, North Korea, and Iran are watching. If we do not answer, they are encouraged. The answer is not necessarily nuclear," said Ben Hodges.

The military also noted that Putin's associates might support the war against Ukraine, but not suicide.

As you can see, there is always a possibility of a radiation catastrophe as long as nuclear weapons exist worldwide. Especially if we consider that the Russian Federation is systematically destroying the Zaporizhzhia NPP against the background of threats.

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