Creation of the Ukraine-Britain-Poland Alliance

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 18, 2022
Creation of the Ukraine-Britain-Poland Alliance

On February 17, the creation of a new alliance between 3 European states was announced. Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation agreed

In January 2022, the UK proposed an alliance with Ukraine and Poland. In addition to obvious reasons, an alliance with Britain and Poland is beneficial to Ukraine due to its interest in the Black Sea-Baltic direction. And the Trilateral Alliance will strengthen this axis.

On February 17, during a joint conference between the minister of foreign affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, and the British secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, Liz Truss, the creation of an alliance was officially announced.

"We are honored to announce the creation by Ukraine, Britain, and Poland of a new trilateral cooperation format. We are announcing the creation of this trilateral Ukrainian-Polish-British alliance," Dmytro Kuleba.

The full text of the joint declaration of the alliance members has been posted on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry.

"To this end, we agreed today to develop a Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation. It will demonstrate our commitment to further strengthening the strategic cooperation and engagement between our 3 nations on the highest priority issues in support of Ukraine," the statement said.

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