“CRH” Invested €34 Mln in a Concrete Plant in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, July 22, 2023
“CRH” Invested €34 Mln in a Concrete Plant in Ukraine

The construction of a giant industrial complex in the Kyiv region has been completed

CEMARK, a member of the international corporation for the production and distribution of building materials CRH, has completed the construction of the 5th production and logistics site in Ukraine. The complex is equipped in Vyshneve town, Kyiv region. The investment amount is €34 million. The terminal, production lines, unloading-packing-shipping and other workshops will create jobs for 80 people.

According to the head of the regional military administration of the Kyiv region, CEMARK will take part in the restoration of the city of Gostomel, where, along with residential buildings, lie the ruins of houses destroyed by the war.

In total, 127 enterprises were allowed in the Kyiv region, and more than 700 were damaged.

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