Cutting of Russian Strings

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 2, 2023
Cutting of Russian Strings

The USA has imposed sanctions on a new batch of Russians who hide behind the flags of other countries

The US department of treasury has issued a press release according to which 22 more representatives of the murdering country were sanctioned. America got to the Russians, who were hiding from sanctions with the help of other countries. It is known that legal entities and individuals with businesses in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Latvia, and Singapore have come under sanctions.

In America, it is noted that all persons under sanctions are subjects supplying the Russian Federation with weapons. Often they are representatives of the family business, where the parents are citizens of the Russian Federation, and the children have foreign citizenship; or Russians, using fictitious companies. For example, the arms businessman Igor Zimenkov was added to the list of American restrictions. The businessman, assisted by his son Jonathan of Cyprus, provided arms to the aggressor. Several other Russian arms traders have been added to the list of persons who will have frozen assets. Also, their property may be confiscated. 

Israeli microelectronics company TEXEL FCG TECHNOLOGY 2100 LTD and people associated with this company are also on the list of restrictions.

"Russia's desperate attempts to use proxy servers to circumvent US sanctions demonstrate that sanctions have made it much more difficult and more expensive for the Russian military-industrial complex to resume supplies of Putin's war machine," considers US deputy treasury secretary Wally Adeyemo.

Recall that the US and Europe are introducing sanctions lists for Russia and its citizens because of armed aggression against Ukraine.

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