Czech PM Petr Fiala Came to Kyiv 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 31, 2022
Czech PM Petr Fiala Came to Kyiv 

On 31 October was held a joint meeting of the Ukrainian and Czech governments

On October 31, Radiožurnál posted a photo on Twitter, which confirms the visit of the Czech delegation to Ukraine. Prime minister, finance minister Zbynek Stanyura, adviser of the prime minister for European affairs Tomas Poyar, and interior minister Vit Rakusan arrived in the capital. Previously, Czech representative, the minister of foreign affairs Jan Lipavsky came for a meeting with Zelenskyy. It should be noted that before the arrival of politicians in Kyiv, the delegation's composition was not reported within the security framework. At the moment, it is known that strict security measures accompany the joint meeting of the two governments. All details of the meeting will be communicated later.

Petr Fiala was already in Kyiv. Then Zelenskyy called this step brave because Russian soldiers were quite near.

"We will continue consultations with the prime minister during our visits to Kyiv. During the negotiations, the talks will be about the participation of Czech non-governmental organizations and companies in post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as the support of Ukraine's integration into the EU," said the foreign minister Jan Lipavsky earlier.

The Czech Republic has supported Ukraine since the first days of the war. On October 30, a campaign in support of Ukraine took place on the main square in Prague. The rally participants condemned Putin and his army, as well as the recent action of Russians in Prague in support of Russia's military action.

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