Czech Republic Delivers Final Mi-24 Helicopters to Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Thursday, March 21, 2024
Czech Republic Delivers Final Mi-24 Helicopters to Ukraine

The Czech Republic has dispatched its last two Mi-24 helicopters, the remaining units in its army’s inventory, to Ukraine

This move, secretly approved by the Czech government a few weeks ago, was disclosed by the Ministry of Defense. "We don't have any more equipment to hand over," stated Chernokhova from the Ministry of Defense, indicating the extent of the Czech Republic's military support to Ukraine.

This recent delivery marks the third instance of the Czech Republic providing Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine, with the first batch sent in July 2022 and the second during the summer of 2023. The gesture underscores the Czech Republic's ongoing commitment to supporting Ukraine amidst its defense efforts against aggression.

The support from Prague is part of a broader initiative involving several European countries, including France, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Latvia, Portugal, and Finland, which have collectively agreed to finance the supply of 800,000 artillery shells to Ukraine. This initiative, first announced by the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, in February, represents a significant contribution to Ukraine's military capabilities.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has previously provided insights into the timeline for the arrival of the first artillery shells under this Czech-led initiative, reflecting the collaborative effort of European nations to bolster Ukraine's defense in the face of ongoing conflict.

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