Czech Republic Launches Production of Reconnaissance and Attack Drones for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Czech Republic Launches Production of Reconnaissance and Attack Drones for Ukraine

Prague, Czech Republic — July 4, 2024 — The Czech-Ukrainian company UAC has commenced serial production of reconnaissance and strike drones, specifically designed for the Ukrainian army

This initiative is part of an effort to enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities amidst ongoing conflicts.

Key Highlights:

  • Drone Models: The production includes the "Leleka-LR" reconnaissance drones and the "Bulava" strike drones. These UAVs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Ukrainian military.
  • Production Capacity: The company plans to manufacture hundreds of these drones annually.
  • Workforce: The factory employs around eighty workers, most of whom are Ukrainians, emphasizing the collaboration between the Czech Republic and Ukraine.
  • Strategic Goals: UAC aims to secure a significant share of the Central European market and expand into NATO countries and other states.

Drone Specifications:

  • Leleka LR:

    • Purpose: Designed for reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment.
    • Capabilities: Operates day and night, resistant to Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems, compatible with HIMARS missile systems.
    • Technical Details: Equipped with a two-axis gyro-stabilized optical-electronic module, thermal imaging, and digital zoom. The maximum flight height is 2,000 meters, with a flight duration of up to four hours and a radius of 90 kilometers.
  • Bulava:

    • Comparison: Often compared to the Russian "Lancet" drone due to its similar design and operational capabilities.
    • Purpose: High resistance to EW devices, equipped with machine vision for automatic target detection and tracking.
    • Technical Details: Features a combined cumulative-thermobaric warhead weighing 3.6 kg, with a range of up to 60 kilometers. It can work alongside reconnaissance drones and has a flight duration of over 50 minutes, with a cruising speed of 100 km/h.


  • Stefan Füle, one of the heads of UAC, emphasized the priority of delivering unmanned equipment from the Czech Republic to Ukraine. He also highlighted the company's ambition to dominate the medium drone market in Central Europe and penetrate NATO forces.

Context and Background: The UAC's efforts are part of a broader strategy to bolster Ukraine's military capabilities. With ongoing conflicts and the need for advanced defense technology, this initiative reflects a strong collaboration between Ukrainian and Czech entities, aimed at enhancing the operational effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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