Day of Military Volunteers in Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Day of Military Volunteers in Ukraine 

On 14 March, Ukraine celebrates the day of men and women who have become defenders of the country 

In January 2017, a relevant document was registered. On this day, the country honours the memory of the fallen volunteers and congratulates the defenders who wanted to defend their country. The history of volunteer day in Ukraine goes to the events of the Revolution of Dignity. In 2014, representatives of the Maidan self-defence voluntarily arrived at one of the military landfills in Ukraine. All volunteers became the first battalion to go to the anti-terrorist operation zone in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Unfortunately, many defenders died, so every March 14, Ukrainians pay their respects to the heroes.

Also, the day of military volunteers gave Ukraine one of the most famous battalions – Azov. This regiment has been operating since May 2014. From the first days, Azov defended Mariupol. Unfortunately, Mariupol became, for the regiment of Azov also the last fortress and grief. Recall that many regiment soldiers protected Mariupol from the Russian invaders from the first days full of a large-scale invasion. Ukrainian defenders took all the blows, even being cornered – a factory on the seashore. But by putting up such resistance, Azov gave the other Ukrainian regiment time to gather equipment and forces to protect other parts of the country.

After the successful completion of the mission, the Azov fighters, as well as other military personnel, left the Azovstal factory and surrendered to captivity.

But the reality is that the aggressor rarely places the Azov soldiers on the list of the exchange of prisoners of war. It should be noted that in the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian battalion is considered a terrorist organization. And while the whole world can do nothing, the Kremlin allows situations like the tragedy in Olenivka.

So, we can conclude that in the modern world, instead of Stalin – Putin, instead of the force of insurgents and dissidents – the Azov regiment, which has been in captivity for almost a year. Therefore, on the Day of the military volunteer in Ukraine, the call remains the same – Free Azovstal Defenders! 

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