Decarbonization of Agriculture in Europe and Ukraine: What’s New?

Friday, September 10, 2021
Decarbonization of Agriculture in Europe and Ukraine: What’s New?

"Bayer" announced the launch of its global Carbon Initiative in Ukraine

The main goal of the company is to decarbonize the key elements of the food system with an emphasis on the activities of agricultural producers.

At the International conference on good agricultural management, Bayer said: “The initiative is bringing together agricultural producers and others in the food chain to reduce carbon emissions, thereby contributing to the European Green Deal. The new European Carbon Initiative recognizes the key role of agricultural producers and their lands in creating sustainable positive environmental impacts and building a strong and resilient food system. The program is an integral part of Bayer's commitment to sustainable development, specifically aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.”

The pilot project of the program includes several stages:

  • Determination of the current soil carbon content in the fields of participating farms as a reference point;
  • Implementation of climate-smart agricultural practices with continuous improvement and addition;
  • Design and customize an accurate and reliable digital monitoring, reporting, and verification tool.

“Our Carbon Initiative is actively promoting the development of carbon farming in Europe by working with farmers as primary producers and engaging partners in the food system chain. This collaboration will help decarbonize the European food system in a way that benefits farmers, the environment, and consumers,” said Lionel Alexander, head of Bayer carbon development in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Bayer is a global company that improves people's lives by providing services and products in the healthcare and agricultural sectors. In fiscal 2020, the Bayer Group employed approximately 100,000 employees and generated sales of €41,4 billion. Research and development expenditures — €4,9 billion.

In Ukraine, the Bayer company began operating in 1992. Bayer in Ukraine is part of the global Bayer AG group headquartered in Leverkusen (Germany).

The new digital project is expected to be developed over the next three years.

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