Defense of Ukraine From the Attack of Belarus

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 16, 2022
Defense of Ukraine From the Attack of Belarus

The secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine checks the regions bordering Belarus for readiness for the defense of Ukraine

On June 16, secretary of the National Security Council and Ukraine Oleksii Danylov called a meeting with the headquarters of the commander-in-chief regarding a possible threat of attack from Belarus. Danilov received to check the readiness of Chernihiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, and Volyn regions for the defense of Ukraine. 

"As for the direction from Belarus. I want to inform you that in addition to the National Security and Defense Council, there is the headquarters of the supreme commander in chief. Yesterday the president called the headquarters, and this particular issue was discussed — the issue of Belarus. All our bodies that are involved in this gave an assessment — what is happening, what is the state of the army of Belarus today, how many militaries of the Russian Federation are there, and what are the plans. All this is under the control of our president, and yesterday the bet on this account worked for quite a long time. And I think it's quite effective. As a result, there is an instruction — now there will be a check in 4 areas of the state of preparation in case there are repeated calls for our country," Oleksii Danylov.

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