Stolen Grain Detained

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 4, 2022
Stolen Grain Detained

Turkey has detained a ship with grain, which the occupiers stole from the Ukrainian port town Berdiansk

Earlier, representatives of Ukraine called on Turkey to detain the ship, which had sailed from the port of occupied Berdiansk. According to the coordinates, the cargo ship sailed to Turkey, and from there was to continue the journey and deliver grain to Syria. The Ukrainian authorities, including the ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey, asked to examine the grain — to confirm the theft of the harvest from Ukrainian lands. 

On 3 July, it was reported that the Turkish authorities had responded and arrested a ship from the occupied part of Ukraine. Ship Zhibek Zholy was detained at customs. It was indeed carrying cargo. The ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar said that he hoped to arrest the grain and hand it to its true owners, in addition to the punishment for all participants in the theft.

"We have full cooperation with the Turkish government, the ship is now standing in front of the port entrance. It is detained by the Turkish customs authorities. There will be an inter-agency meeting tomorrow to decide the fate of this vessel. This ship is in a special situation as it was the first to use the temporarily occupied port of Berdiansk and then enter the Turkish port. It's illegal, and frankly, it's a lot of nerve and an attempt to break through a corridor like this to take advantage of the opportunity to move the property," Bodnar explained.

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