Democracy Always Wins Tyranny

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Democracy Always Wins Tyranny

The Russian army overestimated its power and underestimated the potential of Ukraine. But in vain

During the six days of the war, the Ukrainian army destroyed seven Russian motorized rifle brigades.

"If we continue to be reinforced with modern weapons - Bayraktars, ammunition for them, Javelins and other anti-tank weapons, then we will be able not only to survive but also to dictate terms," ​​military expert Ihor Kozyy.

The total approximate losses of terrorists as of March 1:

  • In personnel - 5710 people, prisoners - 200;
  • Destroyed or damaged aircraft - 29 units;
  • Helicopters - 29 units;
  • Tanks - 198;
  • Armored combat vehicle - 846;
  • Artillery systems - 77;
  • Means of air defense - 7;
  • Multiple launch rocket system - 24;
  • Tanks with PMM - 60;
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles of the operational-tactical level - 3;
  • Boats - 2;
  • Automotive equipment - 305.

The same editors of our blog cannot fail to note that the Russians are massively abandoning their military equipment and leaving the battlefield, draining fuel from tanks so as not to go against Ukraine. Unmotivated Russian soldiers, many of them forcibly stolen from their hometowns and sent to slaughter in Ukraine, are surrendering. Putin was not afraid to send even underage boys to war, his own citizens, those whom he was supposed to take care of, and not feed with expired rations.

Also, in practice, the Ukrainians discovered in themselves the super ability to take away armored personnel carriers and tanks from the aggressor with their bare, unarmed hands.

Ukraine Will Win! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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