Investing in Ukrainian Infrastructure

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Investing in Ukrainian Infrastructure

The International Bank has stated that Ukraine has created comfortable and favorable legal conditions for attracting investment in infrastructure.

n recent years, public-private partnership in Ukraine has become the most promising instrument for attracting investment. In order to bring the current PPP legislation in line with international standards and practice, some successful reforms and innovations have been carried out. Public and private partnerships ensure the implementation of priority and socially significant infrastructure projects, as well as improving the quality of business climates in Ukraine.

The deputy minister said that an important result of the implementation of the first stage of the World Bank project is to increase the institutional capacity of the authorities and local authorities in order to initiate and implement PPP projects.

Representatives of the International Bank spoke about the potential of public-private partnerships to improve the quality of life in Ukraine, as well as the need to involve private businesses in the development of socio-economic infrastructures.

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