“Democracy Frontline” Competition  in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, November 12, 2022
“Democracy Frontline” Competition  in Ukraine

The German MFA and the state organization "Mediafrontline" will issue grants to Ukrainians for the promotion of democratic values

The German Ministry of foreign affairs established the Frontline Democracy project, the German company Mediafrontline and the Ukrainian organizers of the Kharkiv film festival Kharkiv Meet Docs. The project is aimed at Ukrainian creative people: journalists, writers, actors, dancers, etc. The artists of Ukraine may send their works created during the war. The authors of the competition want to gather the 100 best artists who promote democratic and European values through creativity. The German government will award grants to the winners — from €50 to €500 and promotion of winning songs, poems, dances, and publications on various websites.

The call for applications for the competition lasts until December 7. The jury will announce the winners by the second half of December. 100 creative people from Ukraine will receive prizes and perform at the concert. The organizations of the project will organize a concert for the winners in a safe place in Ukraine.

It should be noted that Ukrainian creativity appears during the war, not for money and fame. Creative people thus convey their feelings and contribute to the formation of history. Writers, poets, singers, and dancers should not be silent. The project Frontline Democracy will help them to be heard.

On the cover of the article, you see a coat of arms from spikelets of wheat from the Ukrainian florist Olexandra Arsalani.

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