Denmark Gaves 19 “Caesars” to Ukraine

by Olha Povalaieva
Thursday, January 19, 2023
Denmark Gaves 19 “Caesars” to Ukraine

The Danish Ministry of defence announced the donation of howitzers and the training of Ukrainian soldiers

On January 19, a statement by defence minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen was published on the Danish MoD portal. According to the minister, today the howitzers are on the balance sheet of the 1st brigade of Denmark. Simultaneously with the transfer of howitzers to Ukraine, Denmark will look for ways to replace these artillery systems with more modern ones. Thus, Denmark will help Ukraine and fulfil its obligations to NATO.

"This is a very large and meaningful donation. We have been in constant contact with the Ukrainians, particularly about the Caesar artillery, and I am glad that now we have received widespread support from the Danish parliament to donate it to the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine. There is no doubt that it is needed, even if there are still technical problems with the system," Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Most members of the Danish Security council support the decision to donate for the sovereignty of Ukraine. Minister Ellemann-Jensen also said that the state would undertake to train Ukrainian soldiers to work with French howitzers.

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