Destruction of the “Spy’s Nest” in Warsaw 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 30, 2023
Destruction of the “Spy’s Nest” in Warsaw 

The mayor's office took away the lease rights to the premises used by the Russian embassy

On April 29, the city council of Warsaw followed in the footsteps of Kyiv and withdrew one of the premises from the use of the Russian embassy. It was used as a school for the children of diplomats, as well as a hostel for teachers and staff. The locals nicknamed this building a "spy nest", and the city government took steps to seize the building throughout the year,

The return of the building to the possession of the mayor's office is a political step since, in 1945, it was illegally nationalised by Moskow and transferred to the Soviet authorities. Now, by the decision of the bailiff and common sense, the building has returned to Poland.

The Russian ambassador to Poland called the actions of the mayor's office "an encroachment on a diplomatic institution", a violation of the Vienna Convention and threatened with consequences. Also, according to him, the children will continue their studies within the framework of the Russian embassy.

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