Detained a Relative of Putin, Suspected of High Treason

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Detained a Relative of Putin, Suspected of High Treason

Citizen of Ukraine and ex-people's deputy Viktor Medvedchuk is accused of transferring state secrets to Russia, treason, and theft on a large scale

Viktor Medvedchuk, who helped to commit crimes against the Ukrainian population back in the days of the Soviet Union, did not change his policy even after the declaration of independence of Ukraine.

Medvedchuk's bloody path began back in the USSR when he was a lawyer for a Ukrainian poet and fighter for the freedom of Ukraine. The person who was supposed to protect, therefore, by order of the Union, doomed Stus to numerous exiles and violent death. This is his first crime against Ukraine.

Medvedchuk, not a blood relative of Putin, helped Russia to subvert Ukraine and plunder Ukrainian national values. How it was.

In 2012, the New Projects company from Kyiv received a state permit to explore a gas field 30 km from the Kerch Peninsula. In 2016, the field's resources amounted to more than 8 million tons of oil and 1.4 million cubic meters of gas with a total cost of about $1.5 billion.

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, New Projects began to reissue the permit, but due to the machinations of Medvedchuk and Russian interference, the result turned out to be a pro-Russian Medvedchuk and his nominees. The proof of this is documents, telephone records and correspondence of Medvedchuk. In addition, a letter was intercepted in which Medvedchuk asks Putin to move the borders of the Black Sea Fleet combat training area, on the site of which she wants to install a drilling platform.

"Thus, Viktor Medvedchuk created a foreign organization, to which he handed over documentation on the exploration of the deposit, helping in its subversive activities against Ukraine and plundering national values," prosecutor Ruslan Izhuk comments on Medvedchuk's case.

After the successful appropriation of the state oil field, Medvedchuk continued his relationship with Taras Kozak, the then deputy prime minister of the Russian government Dmitry Kozak, who helped Medvedchuk with the New Project. Since Medvedchuk was a people's deputy, such information was available to him. And he transmitted this information to Russia through a Cossack. This is treason.

The next charge against Medvedchuk is terrorist financing. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, Medvedchuk supplied the militants of the illegal organization "Donetsk People's Republic" with oil products from a plant in the Rostov region of Russia and sold coal to terrorists illegally mined in the Russian-occupied areas of the Lugansk region.
Medvedchuk received money from Russia more than once for secret intelligence data of the Ukrainian special services and for organizing provocations against Ukraine. This makes him guilty of Russian aggression against Ukraine as well.

While searching for evidence of involvement for the state, Medvedchuk's lawyers managed to get a house arrest for a traitor to the state. Medvedchuk violated the conditions of house arrest by running away from home 2 weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine. And today the Security Service of Ukraine caught Viktor Medvedchuk. And a fair trial awaits him.

“Today Medvedchuk needs to hide in a Ukrainian prison in order to survive. With a guaranteed multi-year prison term. In the Russian Federation, he will definitely be liquidated as a person who regularly lied about the mood in Ukraine, stole money and eventually became one of the initiators of the war,” Mychailo Podolyak.

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