Development of Border Inspection Posts

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Friday, December 3, 2021
Development of Border Inspection Posts

The government approved a plan of measures for the” rel=”dofollow”>establishment and arrangement of border inspection posts 2022

The plan of measures on creation and arrangement of the appointed frontier inspection posts, and also the appointed check points on the state border of Ukraine is spoken. Such posts will fully comply with the requirements of the European Union.


"The work of border inspection posts, which are specially designed for veterinary and phytosanitary control of products imported into Ukraine, will protect the domestic market from dangerous and low-quality products. In addition, the construction of such posts will increase exports from Ukraine of goods with live animals and animal products to EU countries, which will increase revenues to the state budget," said deputy minister of economy of Ukraine Iryna Novikova.


The operation of such posts and checkpoints will improve Ukrainian entrepreneurs' access to export markets.

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